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Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park in Northampton, PA

Nestled within the rolling hills of Northampton, Pennsylvania, is the Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park. This beautiful park is a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a tribute to the life and legacy of the late Wayne A. Grube. Learn more here.

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In 2001, the Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park was founded to honor the memory of Wayne A. Grube, a beloved Son of Northampton County and a devoted husband, father, and family man. Wayne was an active member of the Northampton community and was particularly passionate about local parks, recreation activities, and environmental concerns. Today, the Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park has become an important part of Northampton County’s extensive recreational offerings. The park is just a few miles from downtown Northampton and easily accessible from Route 412. It features various outdoor activities and attractions, including a gazebo, playground, horseshoe pits, picnic pavilion, volleyball court, fishing pier, and hiking trails. During the warmer months, visitors can take advantage of the park’s various family activities, such as barbecues, campfires, and summer camps. In addition to its recreational offerings, the Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park is home to various native wildlife species. The park’s lush forests provide a natural habitat for deer, foxes, and other wildlife and several bird species, including cardinals, bluejays, and Mary’s Mountain hawks. The variety of wildlife in the park draws birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over the region. Learn more about Sand Island Park in Bethlehem, PA.

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