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Misty Valley Farm, Inc.: A Horticultural Haven in Northampton, PA

Misty Valley Farm, Inc., nestled in Northampton, Pennsylvania, is a horticultural paradise that offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and agricultural bounty. This family-owned farm has become a beloved destination for those seeking fresh produce and a connection to the land. See more here.

Agricultural Legacy


Founded in the 1980s, Misty Valley Farm, Inc. has deep roots in agriculture. It has evolved to provide various seasonal produce, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Read about Recreation and Nature: Indian Trail Park in Northampton, PA here.

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Farm Stand Delights


The farm operates a charming farm stand where visitors can purchase freshly harvested produce. It's a haven for those looking for locally grown, organic options and a chance to savor the region's flavors.

Community Engagement


Misty Valley Farm, Inc. places a strong emphasis on community engagement. It hosts events, workshops, and educational programs connecting residents with the joys of gardening and sustainable farming practices.

Environmental Stewardship


The farm is committed to environmental stewardship, employing sustainable farming methods and responsible land use to protect the region's natural resources.

A Bounty of Freshness


Misty Valley Farm, Inc. in Northampton, PA, is a testament to the beauty and bounty of agriculture. Whether you're shopping for fresh produce or learning about sustainable farming, this farm offers a connection to the land and a taste of the region's agricultural heritage.

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