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The Perfect Secluded Getaway: Visit Nazareth, PA

If you want a perfect secluded getaway, visit Nazareth, Pennsylvania. In Northeast PA, Nazareth is a charming, historic town overflowing with beauty and adventure. From its breathtaking scenery and lush green forests to its fascinating geological formations and local museums, Nazareth has something for everyone who seeks a unique and relaxing escape away from it all. Information can be found here.


Nazareth is a small town located in rural Northampton County, near the eastern border of the state of Pennsylvania. It is the birthplace of Bethlehem Steel, one of the area's most prominent giants in the steel industry, and home to some of the most historically significant American landmarks, including Washington's Crossing, which is just minutes away. Discover facts about Get Away from It All in Walnutport, PA - BEST Travel Destination.

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When you set foot in this town, you will be enveloped in its rural charm. You’ll feel like you stepped back in time to a simpler era of simpler lifestyles. The beautiful green countryside is filled with rolling hills and fields of wheat, maize, and wildflowers, giving it a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere. The locals are friendly and welcoming and always eager to share their stories and local history. Nazareth's historical buildings, such as Old Town Hall, Isaac National Bank, and Elizabethan Library, offer unique perspectives into the past of this town.


A visit to Nazareth is incomplete without a stop at one of its unique attractions. Whether it be the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, the Sigal Museum, or the Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center, there is plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in and around Nazareth. The picturesque countryside is ideal for walking, biking, and horseback riding, while the quiet waterways are an excellent spot for fishing or kayaking. For the more adventurous, there's the Gap Rocks Climbing Course that offers the chance to scale a 50-foot high rock formation.

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