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Laurys Firehouse Park, Northampton, PA

Situated in the quaint town of Northampton, Pennsylvania, just 70 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Laurys Firehouse Park is the perfect destination for locals and visitors alike. It has it all – the essential elements of a fabulous day out or a memorable family vacation. This park encompasses 11 acres of pristine lawns, pathways, and nature trails, all of which are surrounded by a majestic skyline dotted with mature trees. A short five-minute stroll through the park will take you to the heart of it – the Firehouse itself. This impressive surrounding building was once an old firehouse from the early 1900s, now a popular destination for tourists, school groups, and families alike. Visit this link for more information.


The Firehouse itself provides an entryway into the epicenter of the park, filled with inviting amenities and mesmerizing natural beauty. The courtyard area provides a place for picnics, play, and sunbathing, with a number of tables, chairs, and benches dispersed throughout the park. Football and basketball courts are located just outside the Courtyard, providing ample opportunity for energetic activity. Move a little further out, and one will come across the Laurys Firehouse Historic Walking Trail. This unique pathway winds its way through the park and is lined with an abundance of foliage, rocks, and small streams. The Trail provides a spectacular display of nature and an unforeseen opportunity to step back in time. See here for information about Kreidersville Covered Bridge: A Fun and Beautiful Place to Visit.

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The abundance of activities continues in the park with the Laurys Firehouse Playground area. Here, kids and adults alike can enjoy an array of playground equipment, swings, and slides. Newer additions to the playground area include a 15-foot tall rock climbing wall and a net trampoline, sure to please all levels of agility. The park also provides parents with a place to relax, with a plethora of benches around the perimeter of the playground. An added bonus is the picnic area, which offers just the right atmosphere for a family cookout or get-together. Furthermore, the park also houses two pavilions and a community center, available for rental. The pavilions are situated at the edge of the park and offer an impressive view of the surrounding terrains, making them a perfect spot for parties, gatherings, or corporate events.  


Laurys Firehouse Park is the perfect setting for either a peaceful afternoon with the family or a larger-scale event. With ample room for all types of activities, it is the ideal backdrop for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a pleasant stroll in nature or an adventurous outing with friends, you’ll find it in Laurys Firehouse Park. So be sure to put it on your list of must-see places in Northampton and experience the beauty and history of this unique location.  If you are looking for a fun and beautiful place in Pennsylvania to visit, then Laury Firehouse Park in Northampton should be on your list. It may be small—only 7 acres—but its amenities make it a wonderful destination for a family outing. From walking trails to playgrounds and fitness paths, this park is sure to provide everyone in the family with some much-needed outdoor fun. Laurys Firehouse Park is conveniently located at 325 Main Street, Northampton, PA, 18067. One thing that sets this park apart from many other parks is that all of its features are accessible to visitors of all abilities. Whether you are looking for a leisurely stroll around the grounds, a vigorous outdoor workout, or some fun-filled time playing with the kids, this park is the perfect spot for it.

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