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Kreidersville Covered Bridge: An Iconic Monument in Northampton, PA

Located in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Kreidersville Covered Bridge is an iconic historic landmark that stands as a testament to the early settlers and builders of the area. The bridge crosses the Hokendauqua Creek in Northampton, PA, and is part of the National Register of Historic Places. A beautiful and symbolic symbol of the proud history of this region, Kreidersville Covered Bridge is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Learn more here.

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In 1838, a local German immigrant, George Friedrich Kreider, saw the need for a bridge to cross the Hokendauqua Creek and approached the Northampton County commissioners to ask permission to construct a covered bridge across the creek. The commissioners granted him his request, so work commenced. Kreider gathered a crew of experienced builders, including himself, and they set to workbuilding a covered bridge structure. Once completed, the Kreidersville Covered Bridge stood 110 feet in length and 14 feet high. It was constructed of mixed lumber and other materials, including fir and pine stringers, cedar posts, two layers of hemlock planking, and oak roofing. Whitewashes and lime carpentry trimmed the bridge’s siding, giving it a polished and sophisticated look. Thank you for reading this article.  Learn more about Kids Castle Family Fun Center in Allentown, PA.

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